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08:32pm 27/01/2012

stay what you are

02:24pm 29/05/2009
  I am selling a saves the day shirt on my blog. Check it out - http://shirtsforsale.tumblr.com/  

stay what you are

06:56pm 06/05/2008
  Does anyone have Bug Sessons 2 and 3 they could send me?
I cant make it to any shows :(

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Worcester Palladium, 5/4/08 
11:14pm 05/05/2008
  I know this community is beyond dead, but I HAD to share the most beautiful night my ears have ever experienced with you:

 Always Ten Feet Tall
Sometimes New Jersey
Take Our Cars Now
You Vandal
Rocks Tonic Juice Magic
Holly Hox, Forget Me Not
Third Engine
See You
Cars and Calories
Jukebox Breakdown
Anywhere With You
Driving in the Dark
In Reverie
Where Are You
Head for the Hills
Under the Boards
Sell My Old Clothes
Ups and Downs

I think I'm missing one or two from both Sound the Alarm and Under the Boards, but they're just slipping my mind.

I really wish they had played Jessie and This is Not an Exit (I've never seen them NOT play the latter), but I mean, having a shot after most of the songs was hitting them I think haha. 

It was amazing!!!!!!!!!

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saves the day shirt on ebay 
10:40am 13/01/2008

Hey, I've got a Saves the Day shirt on ebay. Click to check it out.

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05:25pm 20/11/2007
  i know this community isnt very active, but maybe some of you still read it and i feel like i just need to say something.

is it just me or has anyone else been really dissapointed with saves the day lately? i got under the boards and i listened to it maybe twice and i dont even feel the urge to listen to it anymore. the same with sound the alarm. maybe its because stay what you are was such an amazing album that they just cant ever top it. which is really unfortunate because they are so talented and i feel that theyre really under utilizing it. i just cant rock out to their new stuff like i can to the old stuff. i just wish they would do more music like they used to, but i guess al bands have to evolve into somethingnew eventually. i just wish the something new was as good as what they usedto be.

its just so sad.

but maybe thats just me. does anybody absolutely love the new stuff?

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Help Needed - writing an about page! 
11:54pm 09/12/2006
  Hello all STD fans!

I got approved for running a fanlisting for Saves the Day at thefanlistings.org a few months ago. I opened the fanlisting up here (please feel free to join or visit and comment!) but have yet to write up the "about" page. The problem is that I don't really know what to include there, so opinions are welcomed. You'd really really help me a lot there, as I don't even live in the States and don't receive much coverage(which sucks).

Thank you!

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05:16pm 01/08/2006
  would anyone be willing to buy this signed mini poster from me? give me an offer if interested.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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04:24am 29/07/2006
  So, I know it has been asked before, but I couldn't fine the post. What are the various Saves the Day fonts? Mainly Stay What You Are, but all would be appreciated.  

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02:43pm 22/07/2006
  does anyone have pictures of the in reviere birds but a big pic? please?  

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Music Video 
04:33pm 21/07/2006
  Hello Everyone,

I am new here I have been a fan for some years now after randomly seeing STD as an opening act.

I recently made a music video for 'Hell is Here' using clips from the movie 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'. If by any chance you like STD and ASOUE check it out! Tell me what you think.


If anyone really likes it I'd be happy to upload the larger version for personal viewing. ^_^


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09:37am 12/07/2006

Saves the Day shirt for sale!

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Bug Sessions 
12:21am 04/07/2006
  Hey, would anyone be so kind as to upload, IM or email me the songs on the Bug Sessions CD?

Thank you very much in advance.

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09:18am 30/06/2006

Saves the Day shirt for sale, check it out!

stay what you are

06:20pm 20/06/2006
  I heard there's another Bug Sessions being sold at Warped?
If so how much was it?

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02:11pm 19/06/2006
  has anyone gone to warped tour? if so, what are the setlists for the regular & acoustic sets?
thanks :]

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Sweet Saves The Day interview! 
10:41am 08/05/2006
  Hey everyone,
My name is Alvin. I run an independent print zine called Screwball.
Our brand new issue, #5, features a sweet interview with Chris Conley of Saves The Day.
Chris tells us all about the new record, its' recording process, STD's home-built studio, the band's history, their biggest achievements, the best and best parts about being on the road, his personal life, experiences, high school and much more!

This issue also features interviews with Cute Is What We Aim For and The Early November, as well as an article written by Nick Dodson of The Junior Varsity, poetry, artwork, photography, CD reviews and more!

To get yourself a copy of this issue, please send $2 per copy and a sweet letter to:

Screwball zine
4952 SW 136 PL
Miami, FL 33175

For more info, please check us out and be our friend at Myspace.com/screwballmagazine!

Thankss a lot! - Alvin

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06:43am 03/05/2006
  anyone else notice today is Wednesday the 3rd?  

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