filled to my lips with excuses. (starsforfriends) wrote in you_vandal,
filled to my lips with excuses.

Sweet Saves The Day interview!

Hey everyone,
My name is Alvin. I run an independent print zine called Screwball.
Our brand new issue, #5, features a sweet interview with Chris Conley of Saves The Day.
Chris tells us all about the new record, its' recording process, STD's home-built studio, the band's history, their biggest achievements, the best and best parts about being on the road, his personal life, experiences, high school and much more!

This issue also features interviews with Cute Is What We Aim For and The Early November, as well as an article written by Nick Dodson of The Junior Varsity, poetry, artwork, photography, CD reviews and more!

To get yourself a copy of this issue, please send $2 per copy and a sweet letter to:

Screwball zine
4952 SW 136 PL
Miami, FL 33175

For more info, please check us out and be our friend at!

Thankss a lot! - Alvin
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