the drinks were consumed,the plants were destroyed (_pakalolo_) wrote in you_vandal,
the drinks were consumed,the plants were destroyed

i know this community isnt very active, but maybe some of you still read it and i feel like i just need to say something.

is it just me or has anyone else been really dissapointed with saves the day lately? i got under the boards and i listened to it maybe twice and i dont even feel the urge to listen to it anymore. the same with sound the alarm. maybe its because stay what you are was such an amazing album that they just cant ever top it. which is really unfortunate because they are so talented and i feel that theyre really under utilizing it. i just cant rock out to their new stuff like i can to the old stuff. i just wish they would do more music like they used to, but i guess al bands have to evolve into somethingnew eventually. i just wish the something new was as good as what they usedto be.

its just so sad.

but maybe thats just me. does anybody absolutely love the new stuff?
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